Tools for Independent Financial Advisors

Promoting Success, Results, Accuracy and Efficiency

At Excellat Consulting we take great pride in helping you become more efficient and accurate in your practice as an independent financial advisor. The book and workshop together are designed to provide a cost effective way to get a strong foundation in business operations. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to expand or refine your practice or a new entrepreneur just starting your independent firm, these tools can help you implement the essential systems for success.

Future Workshops

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Passion is a Virtue – Ebook

The book is for the thousands of advisors across America who wake up each day to serve their client; advisors who care about the quality of service and meeting the financial goals their clients have expressed. A thorough grasp of the underlying principles of successful business operations gives independent financial advisors the necessary foundation to create a firm that is uniquely their own.

Maintaining a level of quality requires sustained passion.It can only come from clearly seeing and living the practice’s underlying virtue.  To reach peak performance, that virtue needs to be one you personally believe, espouse and consistently uphold as a leader. “Passion is a virtue.”

Breakaway Broker Boot Camp™ Mentoring Program

The Breakaway Broker Boot Camp Mentoring Program will help you create an Elite Practice from the start.  Make the leap to independence with confidence and support. If you have recently started the transition or have been in business for less than 2 years this workshop will give you all the tools to succeed.

Operations Optimization™ Mentoring Program

The Operations Optimization Mentoring Program will give you the expertise to enhance the successful, investment practice you already have, refreshing your practice so your firm runs at peak efficiency and stays ahead of the competition!